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ICE-TEK. Granular ice makers



Produced at a temperature of 0°C, it has an ideal humidity level variable between 15% and 25%, optimal for public display of fresh produce, keeping it perfectly chilled and hydrated at the right humidity level. Bright, pure colour, indicated for moulding, typically recommended for:


  • display counters (fishmongers and supermarkets)
  • displaying products in catering


Its fine layers offer excellent coverage and optimum temperature stability, as well as delivering excellent aesthetic appeal.

The evaporator, the heart of production, is made up of a hollow cylinder, inside which a cavity allows evaporation of the R404a gas, which freezes the water fed into the cylinder, and an extruder, the top of which prevents the ice being excessively compacted.



Mouldable granular ice makers GIM N series ICE-TEK line



All machines represented here are already set up for fitting the system for managing and monitoring NEMOSY (Nexus Monitoring SYstem ») by DSC Nexus, adopted by Minerva Omega Group exclusively.

PH-meter system safeguards water and ice quality in the food sector (see »)

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