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NeMoSy pH-meter

PH-meter system safeguards water and ice quality in the food sector

Minerva Omega Group introduces a new system for monitoring and assessing water quality in the food sector through constant, 24-hour analysis. Data is sent through a NeMoSy gateway (connected to the internet, enabling data to be sent to the web platform on a secure encrypted connection).


Put simply, it is a little standalone analysis laboratory that can be connected to an individual machine, such as an ice maker, a series of connected machines, or a piping inlet, which transmits the pH value to determine whether the water corrosivity is more acid and less
mineralised or more alkaline, harder and richer in calcium.


NeMoSy pH-meter

Used within the NeMoSy system, the pH-meter is the ideal technical solution for actively and continuously monitoring changes in pH in a production process. For example, it can check the efficiency of a water softening plant.


The pH-meter, made up of a probe and a control unit or transmitter,
acts as an active controller because it constantly monitors and records pH values on the NeMoSy platform and sends an alarm by e-mail or text message to the centralised control if it detects non-standard values.


Advantages of the pH-meter

  • Moderate cost
  • 24-hour monitoring
  • Centralised management
  • Plug&Play system: no set-up required
  • Helps reduce maintenance costs and prolong machine lifespan


Why water quality is important

Whether analysing process water, i.e. the drinking water required for production, or ice-making water for food use or storage, the values set by the World Health Organization must be complied with to stay within legal HACCP system guidelines.


Scale-forming and corrosive power monitored by pH-meter

Aside from the established, legal values, which set a pH range between 6.5 and 8.5, the problems and damage caused by excessive water hardness are not to be underestimated. Production machinery can be compromised, resulting in considerably higher running and maintenance costs. As such, the NeMoSy pH-meter system can be considered a vital tool for managing a modern centralised production chain, such as a fishery, or large-scale retail outlets.

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