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Applications of flake ice makers, granular or cubes of ICE-TEK line


The ice flake makers are machines based on simple elements:

  • compressor to compress the cooling agent
  • condenser to cool down and liquefy the refrigerating gas
  • evaporator to expand the gas by thermal exchange

The water when getting in contact with the evaporator surface, freezes.
The iced layer is, then, removed by either a scraper for flakes/scales ice or a draw plate for granular ice.



Ice makers are suitable for both retails and industrial requirements:


  •  1 - Food conservation: handling and storage
    The high thermal capacity of the ice allows to keep low preserving temperatures in cold rooms for quite a long time.
    Very popular technology amongst fish processors, dealers and retailers, for example.
  • 2 - Preservation and presenting
    Preservation must be kept unaltered inside shops, supermarkets fish counters, restaurants and canteen.
    The quality of food gets enhanced on an ice layer; looking fresh, clean and
    appealing to the consumers.
    The ice, no matter whether flake or granular, must be white, pure, compact, dry, perfectly clean and draining melting water or food liquids.
    Sometimes granular ice is preferred because of its moisturizing features and easy shaping.
    Fruit, vegetables, juices, meat, ready meals and fish, presented on a bed of ice meet important requirements such as customer care and freshness.
  • 3 Cooling in production processing lines
    Accurate temperature control must be granted during many production
    processing lines where product heating cannot be avoided:
    -Meat processing industries(minced and mixed meat for hamburger and sausages preparing)
    -Bakeries for bread rising
    -Vegetable industries during washing process
    -Chemical industry and concrete cooling.

    The benefits of ice are immediately spot-on.



  • fish industry (on board fishing boat, market, retail)
  • super and iper markets distribution chains.
  • meat processors and packaging platforms
  • meat industry
  • pharmaceutical (wellness)
  • handling and storing plants
  • ice production plant
  • building business



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