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Ice-Tek is a Minerva Omega Group s.r.l. brand. Ice-Tek ice makers are the end result of world-renowned experience in the design of machines and systems for food processing and preservation.




The final objective of the R&D department, which developed this high productivity line, was to team extensive experience in quality and precision components with an understated design, compact dimensions and, above all, functionality. The products in this catalogue easily meet this objective: the perfect combination of technology, technique and proud “Made in Italy” experience.


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Controlled production


70 years’ experience in mechanical processes and a philosophy focused on maximum control of each and every automated or manual production process guarantee the maximum quality of our machines. It is a promise that begins with our choice of raw materials and continues with our manufacturing methods, controls, environmental tests in climatic chamber to test the most extreme installation scenarios, right through to final inspections. This central focus is our best guarantee.
With a broad range of different capacities, there are models to meet the requirements of small to large-scale business.


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- granular ice makers

- flake/scale ice makers

- cubes ice makers


ICE-TEKinnovative brand in ice makers manufacturing; a team of young skilled, customer oriented professionals focused on “ice” technology.


ICE-TEKstands for traditionally technical background, modern business policy and high quality standards. Our team and production unit are based in Bologna, traditionally renowned for class mechanical production activities.



ICE-TEK, ice makers production for markets:


- fish industry (on board fishing boat, market, retail)

- super and iper markets distribution chains.

- meat processors and packaging platforms

- meat industry

- pharmaceutical (wellness)

- handling and storing plants

- ice production plant

- building business

We have been developing throught the years a range of flake/scale ice and granular ice maker which could meet requirements of different sectors and markets, successfully installing our ice maker both in Italy and abroad; we did acquaint thanks to our expertise and reliability customers’ trust , managing to fulfill their needs even in most demanding countries geographically and climate wise.



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