Lignes de machines

ICE-TEK, machine à glacon plein 18-36 gr




Glacon plein, 18-36 gr haute densite, pure,structure cristalline.


  • Dimensionbne pour s’adapter à toutes formes de verre. Refroidie sans mouiller.
  • la solution ideale soi pour d’applications residentielle que commerciales: restauration collective, hotelerie, loisirs et entertenaiment.
  • Evaporateur horizontal,systeme a pulverisation.
  • Bac à glace incorporee


Machine à glacon plein serie CIM, line ICE-TEK



All machines represented here are already set up for fitting the system for managing and monitoring NEMOSY (Nexus Monitoring SYstem ») by DSC Nexus, adopted by Minerva Omega Group exclusively.

PH-meter system safeguards water and ice quality in the food sector (see »)

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