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FIM 600 - FIM 950FIM 600 - FIM 950FIM 600 - FIM 950FIM 600 - FIM 950

FIM 600 - FIM 950

Flake/scale ice makers

FIM 600

600 Kg/24 h

FIM 950

950 Kg/24 h



  • Construction in stainless steel and specific materials approved for contact with food stuff***
  • Gas R404a

  • (A) Air condensing

  • Compact and Split* versions

  • Special voltages, on request
  • “ON-OFF” controls on board the machine
  • Machines comply with hygiene and safety regulations
  • Standard working conditions:
    • incoming water temperature 15°C
    • environment air temperature 20°C
  • Fixed vertical evaporator cylinder with high thermal exchange


* KVP valve not included (optional)
*** Naked version to be confirmed






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 FIM 600FIM 600e splitFIM 950FIM 950E Split
Productivity600 Kg/24 h600 Kg/24 h950 Kg/24 h950 Kg/24 h
Ice temperature-5°C / -7°C-5°C / -7°C-5°C / -7°C-5°C / -7°C
Refrigerating capacity required-

2700 W


4900 W

Electrical Power2,5 kW0,58 kW4,30 kW0,58 kW
Net weight205 Kg115 Kg231 Kg135 Kg








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